About us

Frank's - Modellautoecke started in May 2010 with homepage and store.The emergence was decided within a few weeks, the thought lies much longer back. What is nicer than to make his hobby sometime a profession. In the tender child age the first attempts began to befriend the hobby. My father's Wiking collection in 1:87 was then the harbinger of what came in the years that followed. Of course, the Wiking cars had no chance to survive my childhood at that age. Actually a pity, because today they would be worth a few euros. In the course of time Herpa came into the game and these models were much more beautiful and filigree than the Wiking models. One became two models and so something came into being which could be called the beginnings of a collection. A few years later I was in the fortunate position to earn my own money. My apprentice salary was enough to order a large part of the new models from Herpa. At the same time, spurred on by my employer at the time, I started a BMW collection in 1:87 scale. A little later, around 1988/1989, Herpa decided to enter the motorsport sector. This was the decisive decision that accompanied me through the rest of my life. From then on, I not only wanted to see the motorsport models in the showcase, no, every now and then it went directly to the race track, such as in Hockenheim or at the Nürburgring. Unfortunately, at some point Herpa said goodbye to motorsports again and for me a small world went down. By then, however, had already accumulated a real collection but the prospects were not good. The increased prices over the years made it impossible to continue collecting all areas. Soon I had to concentrate on a few things and these were still the BMW models the motorsport models and a few select trucks. Now and then a 1/18th scale model found a place in my collection, but because of the size it was rather rare. 2001 I changed the brand BMW and went to VW and Audi. At the same time I was busy to optimize my collection, i.e. models that were not related to my collecting areas had to give way. On stock exchanges were brought so for the most part again to the man. Furthermore I was busy to build custom-made showcases to give my "treasures" a nice place. So far, only a few VW or Audi models have made it into the showcase and parked, except for those with racing numbers and war paint. From the last sentence, you can practically read it out. Herpa made no more motor sports, however, there were in the range 1:43 any amount and so I changed besides the scale also the material of the models.Now we have 2010 and the collection consists except the existing 1:87 now still from the scale 1:43.Many DTM models have found a new parking place here and also many Porsche models, these are now in large my specialties. The 1/18th scale models have also increased a bit and the scales reach further over 1/14,5, 1/12th, 1/10th, 1/6th and 1/5th. In numbers there should be about 1000 models. Now I would like to dare the step to use my interests, my experiences and my contacts which I have always cultivated to dare the step into the independence. In the age of Euro and many unemployed certainly not easy but I will never forget a sentence. If the everyday life is dull and gray, one builds oneself evenly at home the perfect world in 1:87 or 1:...... The big advantage is the many contacts that encourage me to do this. This happens only through a fair Miiteinander. This includes good advice, competent and factual. A good product, of course good prices and also a good shipping. I understand all this under one term and that is service. In this sense I wish you much fun on our sides. Your Frank Finkel